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  • Fruit juice Cargo
  • 6 tanks (18.000 m3)
  • 3 million liter/tank
  • 2013

Refrigerated Tanks

Fruit juice vessel

  • Refrigerated Tanks, Image1
  • Refrigerated Tanks, Image2
  • Refrigerated Tanks, Image3
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  • Refrigerated Tanks, Image5
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  • Refrigerated Tanks, Image7

Bulk transport of concentrated fruit juice

Transport of fruit juice mostly takes place in concentrated form. This concentrated fruit juice is stored in stainless steel tanks on board of special vessels. Before storage on the ship, the concentrated juice is pre-cooled. During the trip of the vessel, which can take weeks, the juice is stored at a temperature of 14 °F / -10 °C, to maintain quality.  

Refrigeration system for Juice carrier vessel

For a big juice carrier vessel, the owner needed a complete new storage facility; 6 tanks of stainless steel, with a capacity of approximately xxx liter / xxx m3 each.
For building the tanks and cooling system, the availability of the ship was short (just between two trips), so the cooling system and 6 tanks, were prepared and build in a dry dock. As soon as the ship arrived in the dock, the tanks and cooling system were integrated on the ship.

Insulation panels for fruit juice tanks

FFT insulated the 6 cargo tanks. Building insulation panels for a ship, which can move heavily at sea, demands special attention to details on durability.